Finco started back in 1982 as a firewood delivery company. Cleaning timbers for friends & family in Boone and Story Counties, we built and sold approximately 10-15 (cords) per year.

After a tornado ripped through Kellerton, IA in Ringgold County, my partner and I built and hauled mountains of firewood back to Ames to resell. Much of our firewood went to Skei Fireplace Wood Co. on Lincoln Way.


   Finco Office

In 1995 Finco purchased Skei Firewood operations. By then tree service work took over as our main focus. In 2000 Finco became a licensed nursery for Iowa and added growing, selling, and installing trees. How can I have any future in this business if we don't plant future work?

Many companies have come and gone since Finco began, wanting to "Always be the cheapest" or the "biggest" or the "fastest."

At Finco, our business plan is simple:

Low employee turnover and our intense training program give you the best possible service.

Fair Prices
Finco has been around for a while and can find ways to save you money and work more efficiently. Maybe not always the cheapest, but fair.
Marketability of our waste products makes our price hard to beat.

Newer well maintained equipment helps the job go more smoothly, uniformed, neat, hardworking men and women make up our staff.
You won't be embarassed to have us over to your home or property.

Local Ownership
Operator Todd Finch is on most every job working with customers and staff to ensure an excellent job every time.

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